About Us

Pakistan Alliance for Social Protection (PASP) is a multi-stakeholder partnership under the umbrella of the think tank; Social Protecting Resource Center (SPRC) to develop a Framework with active collaboration of Alliance Partners. It was established to help the Government of Pakistan and the Private sector for strengthening the Universal Social Protection System (USPS) in Pakistan. PASP is based on the voluntary collective effort of concerned organizations and leading professionals with no financial or political obligations to its partners. It is comprised of Academics, Civil Society Representatives, businessmen, professionals, Public Servants, Worker's Representatives and professionals from all walks of life. The minimum we request from the Individual or institutional Alliance Members is to provide us the moral support and provide critical ideas to take the Cause forward. PASP has its own Secretariat and dedicated human resources to expedite the adoption of a Universal Social Protection System in Pakistan.


It is PASP’s vision that the new National Framework of Social Protection policies in Pakistan would be based on the principles of a Universal Social Protection System [USPS] aimed to achieve a ‘3-Ps’ based strategy:
• Protect the population against hunger, disease and destitution
• Promote active participation of all population groups in economic growth processes
• Promote Reduction in inequalities


The Government of Pakistan is nominally committed to strengthen the Social Protections in Pakistan as an SDG Goal too. PASP aims to help expedite the adoption of USPS in Pakistan in partnership with relevant stakeholders, by producing critical knowledge, advocacy and capacity building support on various aspects of the process such as conceptualization of a Pakistan specific USPS, address the affordability question, legislative support, institutional reform etc.


In PASP the focus shall be on the following core areas and underlying values:
• Alliance Building
One of the core areas of PASP is the alliance building which includes cooperation and collaboration between the partners to aim for a synergy where each partner hopes that the benefits from the alliance will be greater than those form individual efforts.
• Knowledge Creation
PASP involves knowledge creation and access to expertise (technology transfer), economic specialization etc. Sharing skills (distribution, marketing, management), brands, market knowledge, technical know-how and assets leads to synergistic effects, which result in pool of resources which is more valuable than the separated single resources in the particular company
• Advocacy and Advisory
The alliance aims to develop and increase the advocacy capacity through members and partners to empower the people and ensure that the most vulnerable people’s voices are heard. To defend their rights and highlight the importance of their views and wishes to be considered when the decisions are being made.